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About Us

Hi! Welcome to Yologadget.com!

Yologadget is where we will be checking out amazing gadgets and exciting tech updates. Because YOLO, the reviews we write, is to make it easier for you to decide what gears to buy/use and continue with your next activities in life. Sometimes, we will walk you through the tech scene with a few guides and news, but Yologadget is not another tech news curator website. The products and guides chosen are those that we’d own or used, and recommend to our friends and family.

The reviews we’ve written here took days of research and years of experience, including interviews with manufacturers and information from the best editorial around the world. Most gadgets we choose to cover, aren’t top of the line models that are loaded up with useless features and unaffordable. The gadgets and guides we’ve chosen are of the “help you save time”, “help you save money” or “great for specific type of user” variety.

We’ll make sure our site stays updated and ready for you every time you want to find your next great gadget.