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Clear and Delete ‘Documents and Data’ in iPhone To Free Up Space [Guide]

A lot of people run out of space on their iPhone and whenever they do a memory check, the get flabbergasted on seeing a mysterious ‘documents and data’ folder taking up a huge space on their phone. This is surprising because there is a separate folder of documents and all the app data tha is saved in the internal storage. But whatever the reasons may be for this enigmatic area which eats space, you can always Clear and delete documents and data iPhone.

Documents and data folder in iPhone is a combination of data, cache, hash files and photo streams of bytes coming from different sources. Once you delete these items one by one, you will be easily able to get free space on iPhone by deleting documents and data.

Safari, web apps, Mail app and video apps are called ‘Stock apps’ in iOS. These apps are memory hogs and cache everything on your phone for fast performance. This fast performance comes at a cost and your iPhone memory is consumed big time. You can remove cache files, hashes, bytes and variables of these apps in order to clear and delete documents and data in iPhone.

Delete Safari Cache Data, History and Cookies

You can remove Safari history, cookies and cache by following the steps below.

Launch ‘Settings’ in your iPhone.

Tap on ‘Safari’

You will now see two options: Clear History, Clear Cookies and Data. Choose these and remove data.

 Delete Messages, iMessage Cache and Data

Do you know that iMessages, SMS cache and data is one of the top memory eaters in your iPhone. They can up a heavy space in iCloud if you have ever backed up your data. They consume the system memory in ‘Other’ and Documents and Data’ folder of iPhone. You can get a lot of free space in your iPhone by simply clearing the message data. How to do it? Read On!

There is a program called ‘iBackupbot’. Download and Install it.

You must have a PC/Laptop running latest version of iTunes.

Take a backup of your iPhone

Now open iBackupbot and navigate to System Files > Mediadomain > Library > SMS > Attachments.

You must delete All the folders in the attachments folders. They are all your message data, photostream files and cache of messages.

 Remove Email Data

Next is to remove mail cache data to clear and delete documents in data in iPhone. In order to delete Email cache and related data that is taking up your space in iPhone, follow the steps given below.

Launch Settings in your iPhone.

Open Mail, Contacts, Calendar

Tap on the email account.

Tap on Delete Account do ‘Confirm’

Now add a new account by selecting ‘Add New option’. (You can re-add the account your just removed).

 Remove Photo Streams to Get Free Space in iPhone

You must also remove and block photostream in your iPhone. For that, do this.

Go to Settings in your iPhone.

Go to iCloud and Photo Stream.

Turn off the Photostream toggle bar.

 Delete Voicemails in iPhone

Voicemail is another big part of your Documents and Data folder in iPhone. You must delete Voicemail in order to free up space in iPhone.

Open the phone app in your iPhone by pressing the green phone button.

Tap on Voicemail from the menu

Now scroll down and tap ‘Deleted’ button.

You will now see a ‘Clear All’ option. Tap it and all previous voicemail data and cache will be removed.

 Delete iCloud Documents to Clear Documents and Data in iPhone

A big part of ‘Documents and data’ in iPhone is ‘documents’. This is why you should remove iCloud documents cache and junk data in order to solve the problem of space in your phone.

Head over to Settings -> iCloud in your iPhone.

Tap ‘Storage & Backup’

Tap ‘ Manage Storage’

You will see ‘Documents and Data’ folder. Tap on each app from the list.

On the top left corner, you will see an ‘Edit’ option for each app. Tap it.

Tap ‘Delete All’ and remove everything to clear and delete document and data in iPhone.

This is how you can clear and delete documents and data in iPhone. This will give you a lot of free space in your Phone. If you get any issue during the above steps, let us know in the comments.

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