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How to Fix 3D Touch Not Working in iPhone 6S, 6S Plus

3D Touch is one of the momentous  features launch by Apple in its newly launched iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. 3D Touch allows you to perform a lot of operations in your iPhone in a whole new way. Using 3D Touch in your iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, you can quickly access all the home screen actions, peek and preview the messages or web links, launch the messages, animate photos, switch in between apps and keyboard. You can hard press on apps to perform their functions without even opening them. For example,  you can quickly shoot a selfie by hard pressing the Camera app. As 3D Touch is a new feature, a lot of iPhone users are confused about it. Apart from the confusions, many users have reported that 3D Touch is not working on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Let’s see how to fix 3D Touch not working in iPhone 6S, 6S Plus problem.

Fix 3D Touch Not Working in iPhone 6S, 6S Plus

It’s Not For all Apps

Firstly, you must understand that 3D Touch does not work for all the apps. If you are trying to use 3D touch for a specific app and it is not working, chances are that the app does not support the native feature. 3D Touch was made for selected apps.

Press Harder

Strange as it may sound by the best way to fix 3D touch not working in iPhone 6S, 6S Plus is to press harder. 3D Touch is a new feature altogether. We are used to soft taps and quick responses. But iPhone has evolved swiftly over the years. The only thing which differentiates between a normal touch and a 3D touch as far as the physical metrics are concerned is the intensity of touch. The pressure sensor would not register a 3D Touch unless you meet the threshold, which is quite large in 3D touch for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. So, yes, press harder and 3D touch will work just fine.

Change Settings

In order to fix 3D Touch problems in iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, you should tweak the 3D touch settings. You can adjust sensitivity threshold for the 3D touch in these settings.

Go to Settings and open the “General” tab.

Now go to “Accessibility” and move on to the “3D Touch” section.

fix 3d touch not working iphone 6s
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First, make sure that the toggle button for 3D touch is ON. Then you can change the sensitivity of the 3D touch to options like Firm, Medium and Light. I would suggest selecting the Light option first to check and confirm that the problem lies with touch pressure intensity.

Install All Updates

Your iPhone should have all the latest updates installed. In order to check for updates, go to Settings->General-> Software Update.

Clean the Screen

Make sure your iPhone screen is devoid of any dust particles or oil droplets. iPhone does not register a touch if the screen is full of dust particles. You can clean the screen with a tissue paper or a soft cloth and then try using the 3D touch.

Reset All Settings

Another solution to fix 3D touch not working in iPhone 6S, 6S Plus is to reset all settings. In many cases, the manual settings disturb the settings of native features. Resetting all the settings back to default could fix problems. And you can always change the settings according to your choice later. In order to reset the settings, follow these steps:

Launch Settings in your iPhone.

Go to General tab and head to the “Reset” option.

Now tap “Reset All Settings” option.

Reset iPhone

Resetting your iPhone is another option to try. You can reset your iPhone by pressing and holding Power Button and Home button together until you see a black screen with white Apple logo on it.

Remove Protector

If you have a protector on the screen, you should remove it and then try using the 3D Touch feature on iPhone 6S or 6S Plus. Many screen protectors become an impediment in the way of the finger and screen, thereby resulting in touch problems.

These are the solutions to fix 3D Touch not working in iPhone 6S, 6S Plus. In case nothing works, try contacting Apple support. 3D Touch is a new feature and most of the users still do not know how to use it properly. Make sure to try all the steps given below one by one as mentioned in order to fix the problem.

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