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How to Root Your Device without Cancelling the Warranty


You will find plenty of guides on rooting your device but with the risk of voiding the warranty. Fears might lie in your mind that you will lose the functionality of your device if the trick fails. If you carry such fears till now, you may enjoy sound sleep with VRoot. This is a package of software that allows rooting your device without any risk of voiding your warranty with just a single click.

The following procedure is only valid for devices running Android 4.0 or its higher versions. This procedure also works quite well for the devices that have built-in security software such as Knox.

Once your device is recognized from the database of over 8000 devices, the VRoot will enable the permissions using the root exploits and will do it for you with simple click of a button.

Software Required

  • PC Software VRoot that will do everything for you
  • Drivers of your device installed in your PC. The easiest method is to use the management software that comes with your device like Sync for HTC. You may search on internet for appropriate model.
  • You need to disable the Lock Reactivation if you are using Samsung’s phone with Knox enabled on it from Settings->Security.
  • You need to install and open VRoot.
  • Make sure the enabling of USB debugging on your device. This is enabled by going into Developer Options and then enabling this setting. If you can’t see Developer Options in your Settings, you can enable this by going into About Phone and then tapping on Build Number 7 times.
  • Now connect your device to your PC.
  • VRoot will look for your device from its database of huge number of Android devices. Once your device is recognized by VRoot, the root button will appear.
  • Click Root. The procedure will kick off after a few seconds. Your device may restart.


Once you are done, you can check your root permission using Root Checker application that can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Enabling SuperSU

When you use VRoot, another program handles superuser privileges on your rooted device. If you would like to have these special privileges, follow following procedure.

  • Install and open SuperSU from Play Store.
  • Click on Ok shown on the right for Superuser permissions.
  • Install SU Binary by clicking on Ok again.
  • Install Titanium Backup from Play Store.
  • Open Titanium Backup and freeze the original Superuser app installed by VRoot.
  • Reopen SuperSU and again install SU Binary.

You will now have a rooted device without a modified kernel.


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