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Fix The last backup could not be completed iCloud error in iPhone, iPad

iPhone users who have enabled automatic iCloud backups know that a daily backup is taken on iCloud. This is a smooth and simple process with takes place seamlessly for the users. But a common error has started to tease the iOS users until recently. This error states “The last backup could not be completed”. This error is also faced by a lot of users while taking a manual backup via iCloud. This problem could become a disaster because there is no notification or alert for this. It all happens at the backend. iPhone tries taking backup, fails and shows the error messages only in the iCloud backup section. The users think that backups are being taken nicely, but the reality remains different. There could be many causes for this problem. This article lists all the possible working solutions to tackle this problem. Let’s get started.

Fix “The last backup could not be completed”

Force Reboot

Force rebooting your iPhone should be the first solution you try.

Press and hold Home and Power button of your iPhone together. Keep pressing until you see the Apple logo. Let the reboot process get completed. Connect the device to WiFi as soon as it is back up and running.

Launch Settings in your iPhone. Go to iCloud-> Backup section and tap “Backup Now” option.

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The backup process should work smoothly now. This solution has worked for a lot of users. If a simple reboot is enough to fix the last backup could not be completed iCloud problem in iPhone, well and good. Otherwise, move on to the next advanced solutions listed below.

Delete Previous iCloud Backup and Reset Settings

Deleting old iCloud backups and taking a backup afresh and resetting the network settings could solve the last backup could not be completed iCloud error. But my advice for you is to take a backup of your device via iTunes before proceeding. You must have a backup of your data in your computer in order to avoid any disaster. You can take a backup of your device using iTunes by connecting your iPhone to your machine. Now let’s see how to delete previous iCloud backup.

Launch Settings in your iPhone.

Go to “iCloud”. Then go to “Storage” and then move on to “Manage Storage”.

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Now find out the old iCloud backup from here and simply delete it.

In order to reset the network settings, go to Settings->Reset-> Reset Network Settings. You will be asked to enter your password to confirm the reset process. Enter your password and settings will be reset. All the DNS variables will be flushed and the network settings will be set to default.

Now initiate a fresh backup of your iPhone by going to Settings->iCloud-Backup->Backup Now.

This should fix the backup problem in iOS device. If you were unable to solve the problem using this method, move on to the next solution.

Sign-out/Sign-in iCloud

Signing out of iCloud and then signing in could also fix the backup problems. But you should know that upon logging out of your iCloud account, all the payment, credit card settings synched across multiple devices and services like Apple Pay and Apple Watch would be removed and you will have to do the syncing again. But I guess this is not something to hold you back. The foremost priority is to fix the iCloud backup problems.

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In order to sign-out of iCloud, go to Settings in iPhone and go to “iCloud”. Tap on “sign out” option on the bottom.

Try a Different WiFi Connection

Another solution which could fix The last backup could not be completed iCloud error is to connect your device to a different WiFi connection. This has to do with the jumbled up network settings. Try any other WiFi connection and see if you could take the iCloud backups smoothly.

Restore Your Device

If none of the above solutions worked for you, the only option which almost guarantees a fix is to restore your device. This is the last resort. You can reset your device by plugging in your device with your computer, taking a backup via iTunes and restoring your device as a new one. Restoring iPhone would remove all your customized settings, but it’s worth it, as not being able to backup your iPhone on iCloud is much worse problem.

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These are some of the solutions to fix “The last backup could not be completed” iCloud error in iPhone or any other iOS device. You should carry out the above steps vigilantly. In case you come across any problem or confusion, comment on this post.

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