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Run Multiple Operating Systems on your mobile with MultiROM [Guide]

It is common to run multiple Operating Systems on PCs. In today’s world, smart-phone has all the essential features to act as a complete PC. It must have the ability to run multiple OS to have the desired capabilities of PC. There could be plenty of multi-boot solutions to the tablets and mobiles, but “MultiRom” is the most notable among them. It is developed by XDA recognized developer Tassadar. After the successful experience of running multiple OS like Ubuntu Touch and Firefox on Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 for quite a while now, MultiRom has moved to HTC Droid DNA developed by the senior member of XDA Jamie Themorris. Although, the currently installed ROMs don’t have the capability to load multiple OS, it allows external ROMs for running different copies of OS. You may read below for more details.

multirom - 1

Requirements for MultiROM
MultiROM zip file
• HTC Droid DNA with unlocked bootloader and installed custom recovery
• The developer’s patched kernel or patched CM11 Kernel. You may choose either of them.
• Modified Recovery for MultiROM

multi rom 2

• Restart your device into recovery mode and flash the MultiROM zip file.
• Now use fastboot to install the modified recovery.
• In the last step, flash the patched kernel from the recovery. You are now ready to use MultiROM.

multi rom 3

For loading a custom ROM into your device, restart your device into recovery mode and plug in an external USB drive via OTG cable and hit ‘Refresh’ to show the USB drive. In the next step, you just need to select your ROM’s zip files and continue with the installation.
If you want to remove MultiROM, you need to flash the Uninstaller to restore the things back to original.
At the moment, there are just two available patched kernels that are expected to increase in the future. This multi-boot solution can easily lead to porting of other popular OS other than Android such as Ubuntu touch and Firefox OS by some interested developers. This option will allow the mobile users to run multiple platforms that have their own interesting features and qualities. These handy little Apps make your mobiles very closely resemble to the PCs with the option of running multiple OS. You just need to add more ROMs for achieving these features in your phones. With porting of OS into Droid DNA, the revolution is expected in other smart-phones also.

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