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tinySpell: Best Spell Checking Software for Windows

 We all make spelling mistakes when we type, it’s a common thing. But only word processors and web browsers have the spell checking feature. So wouldn’t it be great if you can have that feature accessible across the entire operating system? Well, now you can. tinySpell is a little application that will add the spell checking feature to every application. tinySpell does something very simple; it highlights your spelling mistakes, but what makes it so great is that it highlights EVERY spelling mistake. No matter where you make it. You could be renaming a folder, writing on Notepad, or anywhere else and make a spelling mistake. Usually, you won’t be aware because there is no spell checking software in your operating system, but with tinySpell every spelling mistake will be brought you your notice.

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When you install tinySpell, it’s visible in the system tray area. Whenever you make a spelling mistake, the notification icon, which is white, will turn yellow. Not only does is supervise your typing, but also points out spelling mistakes in text you have copied and pasted. When a wrongly spelled word is detected, click the program’s task-bar icon and a list will pop up suggesting replacement words. From there you can easily choose your replacement word. It’s a delight that tinySpell works on all sorts of applications and system areas. But where you’ll find it to be most useful are those apps in which you type a lot, but have no spell checking feature like Notepad. Right-clicking the system tray icon reveals more options, for example: you can add custom words to the built-in dictionary or exclude specific applications to ignore tinySpell. Another cool thing is that tinySpell makes a beeping noise when you misspell a word. This option can be turned on or off.

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The Settings window  is where you can find many options to tweak and change to your liking. If you don’t like the beeping noise it makes, you can add your own custom sound. Also, customize hot-keys for different actions such as turning on/off tinySpell, showing/hiding word replacement list and etc.

 All in all, tinySpell is a simple but handy application that will really help those out who care about their spelling. A lot of writers write on applications that don’t have a spell checking feature, and they end up making spelling mistakes without realizing. Get tinySpell now, it’s free! and stop making those annoying spelling mistakes.

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