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Moto Maker Moto X Off-Contract Price Drops $120

Three days ago, I announced the Moto X price drop for carrier-branded Moto X models, including AT&T. AT&T customers have the best phone customizations right now, considering that the carrier has an exclusive hold on Motorola’s software, Moto Maker, until November (the exact date that this ends is unknown). Google, however, has taken it a step further: unlocked customers, prepare to purchase your own Moto X.

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Unfortunately, this offer only applies to AT&T customers at the moment. Since Moto Maker is only available to AT&T customers, only the AT&T version of the Moto X (ordered by way of the Moto Maker software) provides a $120 discount. The Moto Maker Moto X is different from the AT&T retail store versions – which are only provided in woven black and white versions, without new woven colors, accents, and phone build quality materials. The AT&T Moto Maker Moto X version now costs $479.99 (16GB) and $529.99 (32GB). If you trade in an eligible Motorola smartphone (see Motorola.com) for more details, you can receive an additional $100 off the new discounted price – bringing the total pay for this latest smartphone from Motorola down to $379.99. Considering the kind of experience you’re getting with the Moto X, $380 for the phone is a steal of a deal.


Moto Maker Moto X


This is a great present for you if you’re looking to sign on with prepaid carrier AIO Wireless sometime this holiday season. If you’re an AT&T customer with a two-year agreement, I would recommend the $99 signing price, which will save you money up-front. Unfortunately, T-Mobile, the other GSM carrier, does not yet have access to the discount. This means that you will still pay $599.99 up-front for the unlocked T-Mobile Moto X model.


Moto Maker water-repellent coating colors


There are a few things to love about the Moto X: color, accent, and build quality customization (if you’re an AT&T customer), not to mention the Moto X’s touchless controls and water-repellent coating. At the same time, however, the phone is really small when held in the hands for the first time. Sure, it may have excellent ergonomics, but it will seem “tiny” when held in the hands of large-handed individuals (I count myself in this group.). The 10MP ClearPixel camera doesn’t take pictures as good as an HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4 camera (both 13MP), and even the iPhone 5s’s 8MP camera will blow the Moto X camera out of the water.

There is an advantage to purchasing this phone for those who do not want to wait for Google’s soon-to-be-announced Nexus 5, however: Google will grant 50GB of additional cloud storage (to add to the 15GB of standard cloud storage already provided in Google Drive, in addition to the unlimited photo storage provided at Google Plus) to provide a total of 65GB of free cloud storage for Moto X buyers. This will help a great deal for customers who want to purchase a 16GB Moto X model and save some on the price.

To find out more, visit Motorola.com for more details. If this doesn’t intrigue you, Google’s Nexus 5 just might.

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