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5 Best Stock Market Apps for Android

Those days are gone, when there were those dull charts and graphs or hocked up with a stocker all the time, now there hundreds of Android apps there in the market to stay updated with your investments. These apps provide completed statistical information about al the happenings of stock market. With latest news related to stock market, current standings and complete analysis of everything about the domain of stock.  Now problem is how to find the apps which are really useful, that’s where this article will help you, to find the best Stock market apps available from the world of apps.


The best stocks app available out there is Bloomberg; it is the perfect combination of stock rates and financial news of stock market. Best thing about Bloomberg is that it’s quiet simple and easily understandable for personnel who recently entered the stocks world.  The stock market in Bloomberg focuses on almost all the stock markets around the globe so this makes it useful for users in whole world. It provides with features like online TV, analysis from experts, and latest news of the market.

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Stock Guru

Problem with Bloomberg is that although it provides so many features but they don’t provide much of quality. So for sack of quality, Stock Guru is right at the top. It provides all the details of the stock market, from exchange rates, rankings of various companies, current trading rates and every other possible detail about stock market.

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But thing with Stock Guru is that it for complete professional stockers, as it is getting too complex with all the details it provides. For professionals it holds everything they need to stay updated with the stock market. Download Now


Next in the list is OptionsHouse, to start using it we first of all have to create an account in the website of OptionsHouse. This OptionsHouse account will be accessible anywhere in the world so you don’t need o get registered again to use this app. OptionsHouse helps us to get details of the stock market and make orders or cancel them at anytime from anywhere.

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Stock Market Pro

 Stock Market Pro provides us almost real-time stock market showings.  It is a good app for amateur stock professionals and will help them to get involved with stocks app easily.

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Yahoo Finance

 We all know about Yahoo finance on their website, well they have extended the website to an android apps. Yahoo finance provides a brilliant frontend to its app, which makes it so pleasant to use. As for stats and information, Yahoo Finance is as reliable as any other available app. Best about Yahoo Finance is that it gets details updated in a very short span of time and provides a very high availability.

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