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best chrome extensions for gmail mangement

Best Chrome Extensions for Gmail Management


Gmail stands out as one of the top email services today that seems to improve with time. It comes with a huge set of features and abilities to make your Gmail experience better as compared to that on other browsers. However, it still lacks some useful features that are made up by Chrome extensions. Let’s have a look at the best Gmail extensions, chrome offers for your emails management.

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Best Gmail Extensions Chrome

KeyRocket for Gmail

You can use the keyboard shortcuts for improving your productivity of Gmail. With KeyRocket extension, the users can learn shortcuts for Gmail management. Once it is installed, the extensions will automatically open Gmail settings if you are logged in. It will ask you to enable keyboard shortcuts from Gmail settings. As you try to perform any task with your mouse, the extension will show you the shortcut key for performing that specific task.

best chrome extensions for gmail mangement

Boomerang for Gmail

This useful extension allows you to schedule your emails. When you install this extension, it will add new features to the Compose window of Gmail from where you can easily specify the date and time when you want to send the email. At that specific time, the extension will automatically send email even if you are offline.

best chrome extensions for gmail mangement

WiseStamp Email Signatures

If you are an owner of a large business company, you must promote your products and services in your emails. With WiseStamp, the users can add customized signatures with links to their social media or online store. You can also link to your blog posts where advertisement or marketing of your business is going on.


You just need to create an account on WiseStamp for using its features. You just need to choose the type of signature (Personal or Business), and add social media icons.


This handy extension shows complete information about your contacts inside Gmail. When you open any email, the extension will show you complete information about sender, including his social media accounts. It also shows the recent emails received from the specific sender. You can also view the latest tweets or posts from specific contacts. Click on any item, and it will open in the respective social media forum.

best chrome extensions for gmail mangement

Checker Plus for Gmail

This is a valuable extension for people who use multiple Gmail accounts. It gives you fast access to all your Gmail accounts with the help of a drop-down menu in Chrome. You will get desktop notifications, color coding, and even voice input for writing messages.

best chrome extensions for gmail mangement


This awesome Chrome extension prevents your emails from getting snooped by others. This extension builds encryption/decryption tools for securing your emails. You will be able to integrate passwords with your email. The recipient will be able to open mails if he is using the same extension in chrome and inputs the password provided by you.

best chrome extensions for gmail mangement 6

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This list of best Gmail extensions, chrome hosts for users will complement the default properties and features of Gmail for managing your emails and other tasks.





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