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Best Free and Paid Apps to Send Fax from iPhone and iPad

Sending a fax in this modern global age where emails, MMS, SMS are so common may sound archaic and antiquated, but mind you, in offices and Enterprise, the value of hard copy documents and fax is still very relevant. Whether it’s about signing a digital document by hand or getting a fax of an important contract, you may need to send a fax. Sending a fax from your smartphone could make things a whole lot easier, as we all have phones and most of us prefer to save documents in them. You can send fax from iPhone for using a great apps.

Send Fax from iPhone


Meet CamScanner, an app so powerful that it acts as the single powerhouse for app your basic office needs i.e. scanning, faxing, photocopying, opening images and files in pdfs. We have covered the useful features of this app in the past. Sending a fax from iPhone is a unique and highly nifty feature of this app.

If you have a document in front of you which you need to fax, just open the CamScanner app, open the camera, take the photo of the document. Upload the images in the app. CamScanner will automatically make your document photo digitized, fit for faxing.

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In order to send a fax from iPhone, open the digitized image of your document from the app, tap on the “More” option and tap on “Fax”.

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Now the app will ask you to enter a fax number, country, name and range of the pages of the document needed to be faxed.

The app will tell you the charges per page. Given the features and power of the app, one can easily say that $0.99 per page for sending a fax from iPhone is pretty reasonable.

There are some other affordable options as well.


FaxBurner lets you send and receive a limited number of free faxes from iPhone and iPad. The app allocates virtual fax numbers if you don’t have a fax machine in order to receive a fax, and send you copies of the received faxed document for further use.


FaxFile is another free app to send or receive fax from iPhone and iPad. Its interface is simple and straightforward. Just take the image of the document and send over to the destined fax number.




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