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Best Free Animation Software for Simple 3D, 2D Animation, Cartoons for Beginners

Animations are increasingly becoming common every day. From web to native software, cards and apps– animations are needed everywhere. There are some best free animation software for Windows and Mac which could help you create both 2D and 3D animations easily. While there is no shortage of animation software which are heavy, premium and designed and built for pro designers, I will also try to talk about some light animation software which could help beginners to make small, cute but interesting animations.

Autodesk 3ds Max [Free Student Version]

Autodesk 3ds is the animation juggernaut and deign which has reigned the animation industry for years. 3ds Max has everything you could imagine. You can create masterpieces from nothing using this software because of the rich features. It’s hard to think of a single feature which this software doesn’t offer. 3ds Max animation software is for pro designers. You can download free student version by clicking the link given above.

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Plastic Animation Paper

Let’s now talk about something that is for beginners. Plastic Animation Paper is a cute and best free animation software for Windows which lets you create animated cartoons from images for free within minutes. You could also just quickly draw doodles and images from pencils and brush and add life to them by this software. Almost all of the image formats are supported by this software.


Anime Studio

Anime Studio is a great animation software. It offers literally hundreds of plugins and features. You can import cartoons, images, models and add shadows, colors, movements on them within a few clicks. You can create perfect 2D animations using this software and there is not a single contemporary animation and drawing feature which couldn’t be located in this program.



CreaToon is one of the best free animation software when it comes to 2D animations. It has a few drawbacks, but the features outrun the shortcomings. You can create images, cartoons and add sound behind them to make short movies. You can also add colors and shades to images. Image and sound synching has a few issues in this program.



Blender is my favorite best free animation software because of the ease of use and features it provides. You can create all sorts of basic and pro 3D movies, cartoons and projects in this software. There is no shortage of colors, shades, features, angles and rendering facilities.


Vectorian Giotto

Vectorian Giotto is a great and free animation software which lets you insert all kinds of objects and use features like pencil, brush, circles, polygons, images and then add movement to them.


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