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Best Free HTML5 Templates for 2015


The beginners in the field of website development should have a look at some of the best free HTML5 templates for 2105. In this article, we will overview the latest website templates based on HTML and CSS. These web templates will aid you in developing innovative and creative designs for your websites.


It is an awesome free HTML5 one page website template. It is designed using CoffeeScript, SCSS, and Grunt by Vadim Goncharov. The UI design can be used for showing collection of Lithium templates. These are very easy to modify.

Best Free HTML 5 Templates for 2015 1


This template is suitable for you if you love to have stylish websites. It contains responsive mobile and flat design.

Best Free HTML 5 Templates for 2015 2

Halcycon Days

It is a fashionable web template that comprises one creative page. It is ideally suited to portfolio or startup website. It offers pixel-perfect design and awesome effects. It is versatile and can be employed for a huge range of website designing projects.

Best Free HTML 5 Templates for 2015 3


It is a handy responsive HTML5+CSS3 site template developed by HTML5 UP and released under the Creative Commons license for free.

Best Free HTML 5 Templates for 2015 4


This amazing website template offers great color management features with great background interface templates. It provides 15 pages for getting started as soon as possible. With this template, you will have charts, panels, calendars, tables, notifications, to-do-lists, and more.

Best Free HTML 5 Templates for 2015 5

Ophiochus HTML5/CSS 3 Template

It is designed on the bootstrap framework and is highly responsive. It contains perfect combination of design tricks and innovations. It is a very good HTML template.

Best Free HTML 5 Templates for 2015 6


It is a responsive HTML 5 website template available for free. You can use it for business and personal purposes.

Best Free HTML 5 Templates for 2015 7


This is a white layout responsive template for websites.  It is developed by TEMPLATED. It is released for free under the Creative Common Attribution license.

Best Free HTML 5 Templates for 2015 8

You may design gorgeous websites by using the best free HTML5 template for 2015. The templates provide you the starting point for moving further in web development.




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