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Best New Features of iOS 9

Apple recently announced the new version of iOS, its mobile operating system. There are loads of new features which are coming along with the most important thing we all wanted in the iOS: stability. Here are some of the best new features of iOS 9.

Better Battery Life with Low Power Mode

Battery life, the most important thing about iPhones; in fact in all the phones. Apple said that it will introduce a new “Low Power” mode in iOS 9 which will smartly cut down the battery usage. This would, Apple claims, improve the battery timings dramatically. So all you would need to do is to turn on the Low Power mode whenever you feel there is an emergency and Apple’s iOS 9 will streamline all resources, cut down all the power eating apps and resources to the core.

Improved Siri

Siri is going to get a whole lot smarter in iOS 9. Apple says that it has updated Siri to have “proactivity”, which means Siri will now understand things based on their content. You will not need to specify each and everything thing. So let’s say if you are having a chat with your fried in messages, and you say to Siri to remind you about “it” later in the day, Siri will not ask you about what “it” is. It will scan the app, get the context and obey.

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Transit, Metro Support in Apple Maps

At last, after all these years, Apple Maps will get Transit Maps support, which means that you will be able to navigate, search for train directions, metro, bus routes and more.


 Apple News

Apple has launched a new app called “News”. This is a news and content curation app, which will combine all the content at one, interactive and beautiful interface. More or like Flipboard or Feedly, but let’s see what unique thing Apple has to offer here.


New Keyboard

iOS has also got a new keyboard. It will have shortcase letters by default, quick options for copy, paste, cut. The iOS 9 keyboard will have an interface which will be compatible with third party keyboard apps.

New Search Feature

Apple briefly touched the new upcoming search feature in iOS 9, but I think it needs more explanation as it is a game changer. Apple’s new search will allow you to make deep searches, which means you can search for data within an app based on a simple query. This strong search feature will solve many problems.

These are some of the best new features of iOS 9. Apple has released the first beta of iOS 9 for developers. Public release of iOS 9 for all users is expected to hit the scene by fall.

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