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Codie: Best New App To Teach Your Kids Computer Programming in Fun Way

If you were to choose one skill which could promise a shining career and a big money making job for your kid, it’ss programming. According to a number of reports, programming is the highest paying job in the twenty-first century and without the knowledge of programming and coding, a person is deemed illiterate. It’s of utmost importance that you nurture your kid’s mind inline with the programming dynamics and yes! There’s an app for that. There are hundreds of programming apps which could help our kid learn programming in an early age, but there is a new toy in the town which beats everything. Meet Codie, a robotic toy which is controlled by a smartphone app that lets kids learn programming.

Codie is a small and cute little robot, which has wheels underneath. It can be controlled via iOS and Android app. Codie has around 7 sensors in its hardware, including sensors for temperature, movement, line tracking sound, ultrasound, touch. It makes a direct connection with your smartphone via Bluetooth technology.


The best part of Codie is that it lets the kid try out different programming moves on the interface full of colors. One can use different programming concepts on the interface of Codie, issue commands, set If-Else programming conditions by using lines and wires using the touch screen. The companion bot will interpret these instructions and move along the path accordingly. Thus, the kid will learn the impact of programming instructions on the end result.

Codie developers even have a plans to develop and build a Cloud platform which will let the kids share their apps and brag about their achievements in the programming. The maker of Codie app and Bot are saying that they are planning to develop a functionality in Code which would allow the kids to convert their short Codie tasks into JavaScript code. This would help them learn the web programming concepts and designing as JS is  a vital web technology in the modern Web 2.0 era.

Codie has already raised thousands of dollars and the fundraising campaign is still ongoing.

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