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Review: Lenovo Yoga Tablet


Yoga Ultrabook of Lenovo is often hailed as one of the most popular convertibles of Windows 8. It won’t be surprising to see Lenovo making more space in market from its Yoga brand. The focus of Lenovo has moved towards expanding its series of tablets to Android slate, very simply termed as Lenovo Yoga Tablet. This tablet works very much like original Yoga and the new version of Yoga 2 Pro in several postures courtesy of built-in kickstand. Its battery can amazingly survive till 18 hours. These staggering statistics are presented by Ashton Kutcher for promoting the sales of Lenovo Yoga Tablet as newly minted spokesman for Lenovo.

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As compared to the costly Yoga Ultrabooks, the Yoga Tablets are quite manageable in cost. The price for 8 inch tablet is 249$ while for 10 inch model, the price is 299$. If you are still curious about the great features of the Yoga Tablet, you may continue reading the complete review.


Huge battery size and built-in kickstand creates a bulge in the tablet that doesn’t enable it to lie flat. You might find difficulty in downwards direction with straight posture. You will have to rotate the device to start working upward. The two models are not bulky, just 0.99 pounds of 8-incher. The design made of aluminum and chrome painting makes it sturdy in outlook. Laser-etched pattern is supported by the backside. It has quirks in display screens that doesn’t position well for viewers to have perfect vision.

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Both models of Yoga tablets support 1280*80 screen resolutions, carrying the density of 188.7 and 149.5 pixels per inch respectively, for 10-inches and 8-younger models. The display is not perfect on either model. The images and texts on large model looks specially blur. The images in smaller screen model look relatively crisp, but still not good enough worth resolution of 1080P.


Yoga tablet possesses 5 MP rear and 1.4 MP front camera. The resolution is worth the tablet specs but the performance is slightly shaky for front camera that poses some problems while video chatting in landscape mode.

Performance and Battery Life

Yoga tablet has 1.2 GHz quad-core processor with 1GB internal physical memory. These specs are enough for general use, but fun lovers might find difficulty in playing modern games over it requiring more physical memory.


Lenovo hasn’t done justice in incorporating the jelly bean OS in Yoga tablet as there is scarce presentation of installed programs. The users have to strive hard for finding the installed items by swiping their fingers left and right.

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Configuration Options and the Competition

Although, Yoga Tablet has some design flaws, yet it is not entirely flop in the market. Its price is quite reasonable as compared to the other brands in the market. Other companies might be offering the same specs as Yoga Tablets at much higher prices.


To wrap-up the review, Lenovo Yoga tablet is a good introduction to the market, but some quirks need to be addressed before for achieving better competition with popular brands in the market.

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